About Us

Digiteyezer is committed to develop 3D scanning solution dedicated to the consumer and leisure markets. Our aim is to provide professionals of these market segments with industrial grade solutions encapsulated into user-friendly interface for the best ease of use and performance available today. Digiteyezer is willing to put in place a valuable business model linked to its solutions that guarantees high revenues, profits and margins to all the actors in the value chain. The consumer satisfaction fuels our motivation and helps us in providing best-in-class solutions that creates amazing and fancy objects for more fun and pleasure to the consumers.

Nowadays everyone is talking about 3D printing, but how many companies has succeeded to establish a real & profitable solution for the mass market? In just a few years, The Bobbleshop Team has elevated 3D scanning & 3D printing to the rank of mass market solutions. By developing innovative solutions associated to smart business models, TheBobbleShop is now the most easy to use & advanced solution for face scanning & printing.