The 3D face scanning factory
1 - Scan people

Install one of our 3D photobooths on your spot (shops, malls, event planners, sports clubs, amusement parks and leisure sites) and start to scan people in the minute.

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2 - collect the money

Sell figurines immediately using your own cashier or our integrated payment system.

You fix your prices & you collect your money.

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3 - We print & ship

You do not need to acquire an expensive 3D printer because the 3D printed figurines will be printed by our network. You can focus on your business, we print & ship for you.

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4 - Promote your brand

Continue to sell figurines later by using your own shopify 3D boutique.

Use our online/sharing solution to attract more customers.

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Offer an amazing experience to your customers  increase traffic in your boutique & generate more revenues
Hardware & software solution

The global solution is composed of a scanning solution (on-site solution) and of a cloud solution (online solution). The function of the on-site solution is to scan your customers quickly by offering an amazing experience. The function of the online solution is to offer you the possibility to open your own shopify boutique. Then you will continue to sell figurines to your customers scanned on-site, but you will also sell figurines to new customers by using our One-Photo reconstruction API (3D avatars are generated on the cloud from one image taken at home by customer).

This unique ecosystem will increase your turnover, will create an amazing experience in your shop, will promote your brand and will attract potential new customers. You keep the control of the business by choosing the end price of the figurines and by collecting the money directly from your customers.

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