The 3D face scanning factory

KIOSK: the standalone 3D photobooth

Standalone 3D photobooth for selling 3D figurines (and much more...) in touristic locations like amusement parks.

KIOSK photobooth is a fully autonomous solution that can be used without any operator or assistance at leisure sites or amusement parks.

KIOSK offers a complete process from scanning face to the purchase of the figurines with a bankcard. The catalog of characters can include themed or branded characters according to the site.

The figurines pricing is adapted to the clients merchandizing policy and starts at a price as low as 19.9 € including taxes and shipping costs. The figurines are delivered directly at the consumer's home with an average 10 days delivery time, or you can ask people to come back for gettting their bobbleheads and enjoy your attractions twice.