The 3D face scanning factory

it has never been easier to scan & print!

Mobile 3D photobooth for selling 3D figurines in shops or during events.

selfEZphotobooth is foldable and easy to carry solution that can be used in store but also in most nomad usages such as events.

On site,
selfEZis ready to scan and animate whatever event in less than 3 minutes. The catalog of figurines offered during the event can be totally customized for fitting with the event theme or a special brand.

The very low price of the figurines allows any corporation or individual to offer to its guests or friends a special souvenir of the event for the cost of a piece of cake or candy pack. Figurines can be either delivered to the event planner or directly to the consumer's home with an average of 10 business days.
The selfEZphotobooth is made up of three main compounds: small PC, touch screen and foldable capture device.

Capture device

Depth sensing camera
Easy to package/send
New generation white LED
Plug & play - no calibration

Touch screen

22" touch screen
Plug & play

Embedded computer

I7-6700 3.4GHz
Ubuntu 16 LTS
Software installed & configured
Ultra fast booting system
Plug & play
Multiple screens ready
Mounted behind the screen