The 3D face scanning factory

Where TheBobbleshop company is located?
Headquarters are in Paris, France.
Hardware & software & business are developed from our office in Toulouse, France

Where TheBobbleshop is distributed?
In more than 28 countries, check the map for more information.

What is a 3D photo booth?
The BobbleShop is a scan-to-print solution that creates caricatured figurines featuring the face of persons scanned with The BobbleShop 3D photobooth. The solution proposes to shops, malls, event planners, sports clubs, amusement parks and leisure sites to sell to their customers amazing 3D figurines printed in 3D. It is the next generation of photo booth.

When was the first 3D photo booth released?
Development of the solution started in 2011. TheBobbleShop system has been commercialized in 2014.

Why TheBobbleshop photo booths?
Because we have the most easy to use & advanced solution on the market.

How does it work?
Place you face in front of the cameras, click on a buzzer and get your 3D avatar in 10 seconds. Then select your favorite character into a catalog of 3D models and order it. Once paid, the model is sent to 3D printer for manufacturing. You will get your models with 2 week at home. The entire process for ordering your figurines last less than 2 minutes.


How do i start the business?
The BobbleShop solutions are sold with equipment, the 3D printing service, maintenance and support. For getting started, buy a one-time fee and get the system. Unpack it, plug it to AC/DC and Internet and get started to sell figurines to your consumers. 30 minutes are enough for enabling the solution at your point of sales. .

What's the business picture?
The BobbleShop solutions are designed for scanning hundreds of persons per day thus allowing you to sell hundreds of figurines per day. The key point is the place where The BobbleShop solutions are installed. The more people use the system, the more figurines you can sell.

What is the payback of the investment?
The BobbleShop solutions are so affordable that he payback is usually less than 6 months.

Can i use the bobbleshop everywhere?
The BobbleShop solutions can be used either at fixed location or as a mobile solution. The only constraint is to use them indoors.


Can i use one or two pictures for creating a 3D model?
NO, because creating a 3D realistic model requires real geometry of the face. All the 3D technologies based on one or two pictures are not accurate enough for such a creation. That's why The BobbleShop solutions use multiple cameras for the best possible restitution of the face of the person.

Do i need an internet connection during scanning events?
When used for events, The BobbleBooth doesn't require any internet connection. You can transfer files when you come back to your office.

Do TheBobbleShop Booths allow for instant sharing to social network?
Yes, you will receive a 2D picture of your selected figurine by email, then you can directly share it on Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter.

What are the figurine sizes?
The figurines are available in three sizes thus offering an affordable pricing range of products to the consumers from $10 to $100

Can i add my own figurines in the catalog? how much does it cost?
Yes of course, you can design your own figurines and we integrate it for free into your system.
If you do not have 3D modeling skills, we can design it for you.

Can i add licensed figurines & designs?
Yes of course, as long as you get the right to use the license.

When customers receive the printed figurine?
It takes about 15 days to manufacture a custom figurine.

Where figurine is manufactured?
TheBobbleShop has about 40 printers locations all over the world, so your figurines will be produced locally.

Should i buy a full color 3D printer?
No, our network will print figurines for you.

What is the selected technology for printing fullcolor figurines?
We mainly use the projet 660 from 3D Systems ®

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