Our turnkey solutions can capture a face in 3D and print the figurine in 3D color. We offer all the level of customization to make this experience unforgettable for your customers.

Install one of our 3D scanners on your favorite place (store, amusement park, corporate event, sports club, etc …) and start selling figurines in the minute. You do not need to become an expert in 3D printing for starting this business, it is just super easy!

Unique technology for a stunning customer experience…”

Sell your figurines immediately using your usual payment system (or our built in). You set your selling prices and you directly cash the sale of the figurines.

You do not need to buy a 3D printer (relatively expensive and difficult to handle). We print your figurines so that you can stay focused on your core business.

“Easiest solution available on the market
TheBobbleShop is the solution for selling 3D printed figurines!

Several sizes of figurines are available in standard, 2″, 3″ and 4″. However, you can choose any size on any new figurine customized to your brand or event.

Customize the whole solution, by integrating your own 3D figurines (graphics of your brand/event/theme/location), easily modify the graphical user interface to guarantee a pure immersive experience, replace the stickers according to your wishes, choose the messages you want to spread via the 2D printed receipt …. etc…

“Integrate your own custom bodies with your colors/logo/style/etc…everything is possible, it is just a matter of imagination & copyrights!”

We talk about real figurine customization – size, design, graphics, logo, hollowed, solid, thickness, material…everything is possible. Contact us if you have any questions

“…finally a full customizable solution…”

Our 3D scanning solutions

Several models of 3D scanners are available, we recommend you to contact us (at the bottom of this page) to choose the best one for your usage.

Whatever the scanner you choose the principle is the same:

  • customer places his face in the scanner helmet provided for this purpose.
  • 3D is captured immediately and rendered on a touch screen in less than 6s.
  • a gif animation can be displayed and sent by email to the customer (for sharing on social networks). This animation can be customizable with the colors of your brand or your event.
  • cutomer has to choose his figurine from a choice of pre-configured figurines.
  • figurine is automatically sent to the printer, and your customer receives his figurine within 10 days.

“Because your customers are uniques!”

Why using TheBobbleShop?

  • we are the leader
  • easiest solution ever made
  • cheapest solution (starting at $4.000, no monthly fee)
  • really easy to transport & install, contrary to fullbody scanners
  • easy to customize (interface & figurines)
  • biggest printed faces available on the market
  • GIF animation/social networks sharing
  • cheapest printed figurines prices (starts at $6)
  • +400 customers in over 30 countries
  • best 3D scanning/3D printing user experience

Customers stories

  • Amusement parks & leisure sites
  • Events agencies (corporate events, wedding planners, studio photo)
  • Print shops & shopping malls

Check our videos gallery to get more samples