3D Scanners

All of our scanners have the ability to scan a person’s face in 3D, render it on the touchscreen as an animated avatar, and then offer the 3D printed figure for sale in full color. The figurines are then sent grouped or individually by post to the home of the consumer or company within 10 days.

The entire interface, animations and figurines can be customized according to your brand/sponsors/event/location/etc…

We offer different types of 3D scanners, depending on your uses and constraints you will select the most appropriate model. If you cannot find it, please contact us

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Cashier integratedoptionoptionoptionbuilt-in
Self operated
caption: weak 1/5———————— strong 5/5
3DPadBooth 3DRingBoothBoothKiosk
Amusement parks
Leisure sites
Corporate event / animation
Weddings, nomadic use
Stores / print shops
shopping centers / malls
Sports club
caption: weak 1/5———————- strong 5/5

“TheBobbleShop le leader de solutions de numérisation 3D “

3DPadBooth – easy !

3DPadBooth – “Killer product!

3DPadBooth is the 5th generation of 3D photo booth developed for TheBobbleShop business. The station is made up of a 12.9″ iPadPro, the light totem and the accessories needed for its operation.

No need to develop computer skills to use the solution, it is as simple as to use an iPad application!

3D avatars are created automatically in seconds. The 3D characters are customizable according to the customer’s desires and preferences. The 3D figurine is manufactured by professional color 3D printers (you can print yourself if you want) and delivered to your home or to a point of sale within 10 working days.

“TheBobbleShop le leader de solutions de numérisation 3D “

3DRingBooth – “Top of the top!

3DRingBooth – concentrate of technology

3DRingBooth is a tabletop 3D kiosk that can be used in a store or for an event. This solution represents the 5th generation of 3D photo kiosk developed for TheBobbleShop system.

This model is our most advanced model to date, both in 3D technology and ease of use.

Augmented Reality & A.I., Face and expression tracking is done in real time. It allows optimal control of the 3D recording phase. Visual and sound feedback allow for a totally immersive experience.

Dynamic 3D Reconstruction™
This technology allows you to change the orientation of your face during the 3D reconstruction phase. This allows you to gain in robustness but also to increase the details and the surface of the face reconstructed in 3D.

“TheBobbleShop des solutions de numérisation 3D adaptées”

Booth – “The solution that adapts to your constraints

Booth – versatility

Booth is a 3D tabletop booth that can be used in a store or for events.

This is a semi-automatic solution because the consumer can scan without assistance, however it is not recommended to leave it unattended.

This model is one of our bestseller: efficient, robust, associated with a neat design.

If you do not know which model to choose then take this one!

“TheBobbleShop des solutions plug & play”

Kiosk – “The full automatic solution: self-operated, self-payment”

Kiosk – full automatic

Kiosk is a standalone 3D booth that can be used in amusement parks, museums, stadiums and tourist spots.

The kiosk is fully automatic from the digitization of the face until payment by credit card. Thus it does not require any human resources (improving operating margins).

The scanning-printing process allows to scan up to 300 people a day.

Its metal box can include a DNP photo printer to print photo receipts once the payment has been validated.